Pittsford Indoor Rowing Center

Image - Pittsford Indoor Rowing Center canal view in winter.

Pittsford Indoor Rowing Center canal view in winter.

The Pittsford Indoor Rowing Center is a 5100 sq. ft. indoor rowing tank facility located on the historic Erie Canal in Pittsford, New York. It has a capacity of 32 rowers at a time rowing in 4 “mini-canals”, each with moving water. The Center has been built to provide rowing education for as wide a variety of rower as possible. Water speed, stretcher position, spread, and height are all adjustable. In addition, the Center accommodates both sweep rowing and sculling.

The facility is open to all members of the North American rowing community. The Pittsford Indoor Rowing Center, an official USRowing member club, is a not for profit organization dedicated to expanding the opportunities for people to learn and perfect the art of rowing. It has been designed to allow coaches to access each rower form both the inside and outside shoulder.

As an entity of Pittsford Crew, we subscribe to the US Rowing Association's policy as described in their SafeAport campaign, aimed at reaising awareness, stopping child abuse in sport and creating a safe culture in sports programs accross the country. That policy is described here.


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